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Aberdeen Aeromodellers Flying Club



Training Information

AAMFC can provide training to new pilots whether it's for Planes or Helicopters or if you are just looking for some advice. Training is provided free of charge if you join the club.

The best advice is for anyone interested in taking up the hobby is to first visit the club to find out if it's of interest to the individuals and more importantly to see what is involved in the hobby. The club has a number of training planes which can be used by new members.
Safety in flying and training is our first priority, we base our training on the safety aspects of the Scottish Aeromodellers Association and the British Model Pilots Association. The clubs aim is to get students to the bronze solo stage.

For a first time plane, a training model would be recommended, be it electric or fuel powered. These trainers are designed to take heavy landings and be gentle to fly, although most are capable of mild aerobatics.

An instructor will use the buddy box system so that he can control the aircraft to a safe height and then press a switch on his transmitter to give you control. If you get into difficulty he will take control back. We tend to pair instructors with students and between them they can make their own arrangements to meet up to continue training later. Obviously some instructors cannot make regular commitments due to work, so it's best to post in the forum to ensure an instructor is available on the day you require. We prefer students to get their aircraft assembled and ready for the instructor as this saves time for the instructor thus allowing the instructor time to fly their own aircraft. If the student is using one of the clubs trainers, they are required after a training session to clean and store it away.

It is really best to get your own aircraft as you will learn quicker as you get to know how it handles and the aim is to get you flying the aircraft and not the other way about which usually is what happens to new pilots.

Helicopters are slightly more difficult to learn to fly and you spend more time learning to hover by yourself under supervision. Helicopters also require a greater deal of understanding in how they operate and how to set-up, especially the first time.

Although to start with both Planes and Helicopters take time to master, it's really rewarding and more importantly a lot of fun and most students are unaware they are getting trained for a safety exam to go solo.

Always go to any RC Club for advice and never try flying without any training or advice as most models will crash as they need to be set up correctly for flight especially Helicopters which can be lethal. If you are buying second hand models, they need to be checked out with a club first.

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